With over 20 years of specialised experience in Risk, Safety, and Workforce Management, Global Compliance Consultancy is the premiere choice to ensure the safety and success of your live event.

Risk Management

Risk Management

Behind every successful event is a strategic risk management system designed to quickly defuse any dangerous situations at hand.

Risk Management

Safety Management

Prevention of disasters is paramount to events of all sizes. After serving in the Australian Defense Force with distinction for over 20 years, there is no one better to provide this service.

Risk Management

Workforce Management

Forming a collaborative relationship with your organisation and individuals, We will help you identify and remove interference that limits the expression of full potential.

Paul Corcoran OAM is of inspiring calibre whose loyalty, leadership, integrity, and stamina ensure that the Royal Australian Navy’s greatest strength, its personnel, are highly trained, safe and competent to ensure success in its mission to fight and win at sea.

Governor General of the Commonwealth of Australia

As a coach, advisor and change agent Paul is, in my experience, invaluable. Whether you're an individual or a team, he takes you on a journey of discovery about yourself, your impact on others and your potential. And importantly, along the way he provides you with the tools and the understanding you need to set you up for success in the long term. There is no cookie-cutter approach with Paul, it's all about uncovering and enhancing the best you can be, in a way that is relevant, meaningful and practical, for you or your team.

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Global Compliance Consultancy

Global Compliance Consultancy has been producing safety and leadership related services in Australia since 2013. The forming of Global Compliance Consultancy has seen the harnessing of 30 years of risk management experience from the Military, Ski Area Management and Event Industry. This harnessed experience provides our clients with the assurance that their risk management package is tailored for effective planning and operational effectiveness.

A family owned Australian company, Global Compliance Consultancy prides itself in values-based leadership. Global Compliance Consultancy’s customer service relationship and delivery is based on trust, professionalism, loyalty, honesty, and integrity. We believe it is this approach that empowers our exuberant drive in using risk management principles to empower a fully compliant event by using a systematic approach to achieve our client’s goal.

What sets us apart is the culture of leadership. Global Compliance Consultancy is acutely aware that the risk management planning of your event needs to be practically applied and this is where our individual leadership makes a difference. Global Compliance Consultancy’s individuals understand that safety and risk management are culture projects. With the years of culminated experience and leadership in high risk activities, we know our processes need to influence others in order to gain willing consent of all staff involved, and this how we achieve the ethical pursuit of our client's goals.

Global Compliance Consultancy prides itself in being part of your team. Our view is that working together with trust and collective purpose builds respect. We know that team work is cultivated through strong, positive leadership influence. At Global Compliance Consultancy, team work is integral in everything we do and characterises our working relationships. In your workplace we will foster collaborative relationships, communicate openly and solve problems in a collegiate manner, share ideas and take advantage of the diversity of our knowledge and experience.

Global Compliance Consultancy individuals pride themselves in their strategic thinking. We are results-focused, our staff will form relationships based on personal drive and integrity. Most of all, our superior communication and interpersonal skills will ensure we all understand the organisational goals. Global Compliance Consultancy staff are there to make a difference for others and earn your trust and respect.

Global Compliance Consultancy achieves results through your people, but not at their expense. We will guard your reputation and brand through well developed and tested Safety Management Systems. Safety leadership at your event is not focused solely on the characteristics of your staff, it is additionally focused on our role as the safety leader. Leading people at your event involves accepting responsibility for others and exemplifying our values by example. We will develop your people through praise and attempt to shape team culture through safety at your event.

Global Compliance Consultancy understands the importance of your goals, we also understand that if we involve and care for your people and empower them, your results will follow.



Global Compliance Consultancy

Paul Corcoran is the founder of Global Compliance Consultancy. Recognised with the Order of Australia Medal, Paul is a stand-out Australian whose leadership, integrity, honesty and professional abilities have formed the basis of his sustained achievement and meritorious service.

During 26 years of industry experience in Engineering, Risk Management and Leadership, Paul’s efforts and abilities have continuously been recognised. His experience has been grown in different military theatres of operation and over the last six years in the civil sector in the Australian Ski Industry. Paul has managed the risk of operations in some of the most remote localities in the world and in some of the harshest of environments.

Working in the event industry on multiple events over the last three years. Paul has worked for different organisations providing risk management and emergency management services for crowd sizes ranging from 800 patrons to 60,000 patrons. Paul understands that safety is the mechanism of delivering the event through its people, and that the documentation he authors provides the client with the onus of proof that due diligence was provided by all stakeholders.

Paul has successfully combined his extensive strategic leadership, executive coaching background, engineering and risk management exposure. This empowers his client’s success by effectively managing their event team’s culture. This combination sees him practically apply this leadership and knowledge in the event industry – making Global Compliance Consultancy stand out from the rest.

But the Event Industry wasn’t always his dream.

As a child growing up in Adelaide in the sea side suburb of Largs Bay Paul always had a passion for the ocean. Paul longed for a life of travel and making a difference to others. Fueled by stories of his father, a Chief Engineer in the Merchant Navy, and surrounded by Military Veterans in his extended family he developed a fascination with the Royal Australian Navy.

Paul enlisted in the Navy as a 17 year old, initially starting as an apprentice fitter and machinist. The environment of being tested physically, mentally and morally pushed Paul into exuberant learning. He was never restricted by his circle of comfort and never had a fear of change. Paul’s natural leadership abilities and personal vision of a future desired state empowered Paul to turn adversity into opportunity at every challenge.

During 20 years in the Australian Defence Force Paul sailed on many deployments overseas. A new fork in the road occurred when Paul discharged from the Royal Australian Navy and he settled his young family in the Snowy Mountains of NSW. Paul was invited to take up a position within Kosciuszko Thredbo Pty Ltd as the Compliance and Training Manager for the Resort.

While Paul is reluctant to single out a highlight over his successful career – he takes great pride in having had the honour of leading our Nation’s youth on the world’s stage.

But his passion is making a difference for others and to empower organisation goal achievement. Paul looks at things in different ways to most; he will look at a scenario or a project and seek out the interference – in order to remove it. This is how he unlocks the potential of individuals, or that of the team.

Global Compliance Consulting is the practical application of Paul’s strategic vision, operational effectiveness and his demonstrated values. Paul prides himself in never letting the team down. This is Paul’s point of difference within the event industry.

Paul has a vision of having a positive effect within the event industry, by providing his clients with the assurance that their events will not only be compliant, but their teams will be lead into best practice.



Paul Corcoran


Paul’s shares his operational experience through being deployed in the Navy, or in direct support of many deployments over a 20 year period. A no-nonsense leadership speaker who shares important messages gained by his experience such as organisational goals, team management, leadership strategy, communication, motivation, change, coaching, mentoring, decision making, inspiration and responsibility. His reflections and views on leadership inspire his audiences to “look at themselves and problems differently”.


Change your leadership culture one individual at a time. Paul will form a collaborative relationship with your managerial staff in order to identify and remove the interference that limits the expression of their full potential. Performance is improved by looking what interferes with this potential. The coaching relationship that Paul forms with your teams individuals aims to improve the quality of their working and personal life, this often results in improved organisational effectiveness.


Paul’s experience in the military and private sector has given him extensive experience in running conference panels and Q & A sessions. He helps moderate discussion, keeping the discussion relevant, drawing on the strength of the participants. His ability sees him identify and draw the interference that is limiting your organisational potential. Once that is identified he will facilitate the generation of new ideas and explore possibilities, based on your current reality. Through participation Paul will empower informed decisions and positive outcomes. As an experienced facilitator he will enable your members to find solutions and build sustainable change, giving you ownership and direction.